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"I laughed so hard I snorted. We love her!!"

-Katie, MSUM Student

Ella Dorner

Ella Dorner

“I know how goofy it sounds, but I really take pride in the fact that I rarely see a phone screen in my audience."


Ella's Story:

Entering the tenth grade, Ella suffered a traumatic brain injury and forgot her life.  At 16, she was learning the world around her as if she was six months old. She had to re-learn her ABC's, she had to learn to add and subtract again, she didn't even know her own family. As she and her wonderful family worked through the process of re-learning... Ella lived in a tent that was pitched in her bedroom; enough room to move around and for her to feel safe. Every time she woke, she saw the note on her tent wall that said,

"The blonde woman is your mother... and she loves you very much."  


We don’t recognize how much information we’ve learned and stored over the years. You know, the little things that have become second nature to us. Green means go, red means stop. What foods should be hot and what foods should be cold. Water coming from the sky is normal, get an umbrella (just one of millions of inventions you’ve learned about and stored in your brain).


At 15, Ella didn’t know any of this. Can you imagine forgetting all basic knowledge? What would life be like if you viewed the world without a pre-existing mindset or experiences? Or having your “first” everything as a teenager?


Ella takes her audience on an astonishing journey of the mind, providing a remarkable perspective of the world both in your head, and in your heart.She will bring you to both happy and sad tears all while she has you thinking differently about the water coming out of your face. Ella's electric energy, humor, and contagious happiness makes you reflect deeply about your life, and alters your daily perspective.

"I love how real ella is. 
she's not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking- it's refreshing.
Sometimes it's just nice to know you're not the only one in the room with similar thoughts."

-Erin, MSUM



Every time she walks on stage, Ella shares her emotionally gripping story of survival, come back, and triumph after a horrific traumatic brain injury at the age of 16.

Although the story itself remains consistent throughout every keynote, her performance and take away message will alter based on audience demographics.


Corporate & conferences

Brain injury

Women's group


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The modern millennial is a rare breed. They are busy, stressed, and sucked into their phone. If you’re skilled enough to snatch one's attention, you will have approximately 1.8 seconds to catch them... No more, no less.


Luckily, Ella knows this understudied Millennial breed. She knows what attracts, distracts, and triggers a reaction; and how to capitalize on each. Ella doesn’t just know this target audience; she helped establish them.


Effectively communicating with this breed is in her blood; the jokes land, and the examples work. And let’s be honest, it’s always cool to hear from someone your own age.


Corporate & conferences



Ella has spent years crafting and perfecting this specific keynote. A one size fits all performance that is relevant to all humans above the age of 16. Honing in on the topic, “same crap, different day” and providing a perspective that will change the way we view our daily routines.


Alright, we’re just going to say it… is your conference line-up a little dull right now? If you had to actually sit through the event (not just plan it) would you be excited to attend? Over time, we have found that this is where Ella is most valuable for companies. Her keynote tends to be placed where the audience needs a little fun.




Maybe it’s to kick-off the day with high energy,

Provide some comic relief after a heavy or downright dry subject

or a give a closing keynote that sends your people home with a smile on their face.

Regardless where you put here in the line-up, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have her in your schedule.

brain injury

Brain injury



This one is for the warriors. This crowd includes any/all individuals who have a direct connection with TBI. Family members, caregivers, survivors, agency personnel, educators, physicians, neuropsychologists, health care professionals, etc.


Ella puts much more detail into the medical section of her story; sharing from not only her point of view but also, everyone affected by her TBI  (healthcare professionals, family, friends).




“I got extremely lucky when it comes to recovery. Yes, my memories are gone- that sucks... but cognitively, I’ve recovered. Very few TBI survivors can say that, and it breaks my heart.
It’s an honor to have a platform that allows me to provide a voice for TBI survivors - especially for those who can no longer express their emotions, thoughts, or actions, because of their injury. Keep fighting, we can get through this together.”



Women's group



Of course, Ella is honored to speak to any audience; but if you ask her, she will admit this is her favorite keynote to give.


Like any “normal” teenager becoming a woman, like can be awkward and overwhelming. Things are changing, expectations come out of nowhere, and your day-to-day routine begins to drastically change. As you can imagine, adding Amnesia to the mix made this process very… interesting.


Between beauty rituals, equality, and boys, this keynote is equally as hilarious as it is empowering.





Oh, what a riot! Adding Ella to any event is entertaining... But if you've found yourself in this category, you probably already know that. A fun and flexible performance altered specifically for your event & audience. 

Please continue to fill out the general speaking request form (below) and we will follow up with some specific questions about your event. 

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