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V.1.1 File decription The.epub format is a standard for electronic books, distribution as Portable Document Format files (.pdf) using the. module Shoulda module Matchers class BuilderNot include ActiveSupport::Testing::Assertions def assert_raises(exception) assert_block_execution_raise exception do build end end def assert_does_not_raise_instance_error assert_block_execution do build end end end end end EspañolThe cat-and-mouse game between Ecuador and the United States has been going on for years. With President Rafael Correa looking for support from the South American left, the U.S. has sought to prove that “his style of socialism is not welcome here.” While Washington has realized that the state will do what it will, it has been trying to foster a relationship with Ecuador’s Latin American neighbors, despite the non-aligning nature of the government’s relations with the rest of the world. On Wednesday, August 4, when Washington announced a sharp economic and diplomatic victory, it became obvious that President Correa and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a common agenda. The strength of the Ecuadoran government was a cornerstone in the bilateral negotiations of that day. Noah Feldman, the Samuel P. Huntington Professor of Political Science at Harvard University, says that what’s happening in Ecuador shows the tremendous influence that Latin America has on foreign policy in the United States. “The fact that Latin America was one of the key elements in the negotiations is indicative of how far Latin America has come in the world’s strategic calculations,” says Feldman. On that day, when the American and Ecuadoran governments began to announce their bilateral agreement, it became clear that the North-South divide was dissolved. Feldman, in an interview with the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, explains that what happened in Quito “unshackles Washington from its obsession with free




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