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Hello! How’s your speaker search going?

Don’t answer that. We know it’s stressful; and we know it’s a bizarre, difficult task. We're sure you have a boatload of questions that are floating around your head; probably something along the lines of..



How does the booking process go? How much money should we actually spend on a keynote? Is this a legitimate business or a big scam?



As you may have noticed, several speakers tend to keep a lot of this information under lock and key; to each their own, but that’s just not our style. We prefer a very transparent approach; putting all cards on the table for everyone to see. Being said, we’ve summarized the booking process for you. Please take a couple minutes and allow yourself to get a little more comfortable with our process. 









From your couch

The booking process:

Phase one:



Did you miss the online form? Click on this little yellow pencil!


Schedule a call

Our team will reach out and schedule a call that works for everyone’s schedule.


ring a ling ding

Ella will call you directly; at this time, she will ask about your event and be ready to answer any questions you may have for her. The goal of this call is to find out if Ella is the right fit for your event.​


It's a match!

If both parties think it's a good match, we move to phase 2.



After collecting all of your information, we enter it into our system and based on those variables (location, audience size, etc..) it spits out a number. We share this quote with you and talk through the details.​

budget approval


If you have the ability to approve this number yourself, great! If you need a little time to take this number and get approved, that’s fine too! ​

pick a payment plan

At this time, we will ask what payment plan you prefer. A 50% deposit is required when you sign with us. You have two options:


Pay in full: We’ve found that most clients like to pay in full and get it off their to-do list and avoid any late fees. One and done.

Pay with 2 installments: 50% the day you sign the contract and the remaining 50% on or before the day of your event.

Half & Half


Talk it over, let us know what's most convenient for you.

Phase Two:

Phase Three:


Once we get the green light, we get you signed up and checked off that day. It took some time to set up, but we now offer one of the easiest booking systems in the area. It’s quick, convenient, and most importantly, secure. It goes like this:



We email you a digital contract (approved by our in house lawyer).
When you open it, you are then granted access to sign it online with your mouse/trackpad, right then and there. Once you sign and approve the contract, it gets automatically sent back over to us. Boom. Done. 



We email you a digital invoice. As you know, we require a 50% deposit when you sign with us- this secures the date of your event and serves as an official booking voucher.

When you open the invoice, you’re taken to a secure portal with the option to pay with all major credit/debit cards or PayPal. Yes, you can now pay online.

When your payment is completed, you are immediately emailed a receipt. You can easily download and print this receipt in a PDF form- we recommend you do this and keep it for your records! Boom Done.

officially booked & given access



Once these are completed, we email you an overview and Ella’s personal cell phone number. She welcomes you to call or text her with any questions or concerns you may have while you’re prepping for your event.

Ella thinks it's vital to provide her personal contact with the event planner to take away any extra stress when the big day comes. She likes to keep your people in the loop of any/all updates leading up to your events- such as a text she got to the hotel/venue or things of that nature.

You have enough going on that day, “is my speaker going to be here?” shouldn’t be something you’re worried about.

Let the fun begin!



Send us everything ya got!

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